The best wedding tradition!

We all have those friends and family members who offer to do something and help out for your wedding.  This is it.  Boy do you have a job for them!   Ask them to contribute to the wedding cookie table.   What is this cookie table I speak of?   Well, i hear it originated in Pennsylvania, but has made it's way to Ohio.

Wedding (Projection) Mapping at Weddings: Next Big Thing

In an industry that yearns for the next big thing it is no surprise that the wedding market has begun to tap into technology and advancements that destroy preconceived notions of what wedding design is supposed to look like.   Projection mapping (Wedding Mapping) is certainly not a new invention, however its application

Top 10 Reasons to attend The Wedding Experience!

TOP 10 REASONS YOU WANT TO ATTEND THE WEDDING EXPERIENCE!   1) BRIDAL SCAVENGER HUNT- if you are pre-registered you can search over 100 booths to try and find your name and win that companies prize!   2) FOOD AND BEVERAGE- sample food from many hotels, restaurants, and caterers, tons of cake samples, and a fre

How to make your own easy inexpensive hanging flower garden!

Get some Twine or rope, small bottles, and blooms! Tie the rope to the bottles Fill bottles with water Add your flower/bloom of choice Hang from tree or your structure of choice! Check out this VIDEO for a quick tutorial!

The perfect gift!- But for who?

If you haven't heard of the sexiest trend in gift giving for your partner, then welcome to Boudoir Photography!   This is one of the most intimate, sexy, beautiful gifts one can bestow on your loved one.  But did you realize the gift you are actually giving yourself when participating in a boudoir photo shoot?  You may t

Is a Brunch Wedding your cup of tea? (or coffee)?

Would you ever consider a brunch wedding?  If I could do it all again, I certainly would!   The main reason is because the MONEY SAVING BENEFITS is just too good to pass up!   I imagine there isn't one venue on the planet that wouldn't consider a significant discount for a morning or mid morning event.  This is a typica

Late Night Snack

Another trend I've seen on the increase over the last handful of years is a LATE NIGHT SNACK!   Brides and grooms are opting for indulgence when it comes to their receptions and feeding their guests toward the end of the evening is just one of the best ways!  Benefit:  This is also a good way to sober up those who have b

OK, Here’s the DEAL!

It's the trend of all trends and all we can wonder in the wedding industry is "why didn't we do this before?"   Wedding Resale groups and events are all the rage and here is why.  Brides are smarter and savvier than ever before!  Regardless of budgets, brides know exactly what they want and chances are, someone else has