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Favorite International Wedding Traditions!

Here’s a list of some of our favourite wedding traditions from across the globe (thanks to easyweddin – and even if you’re not of a certain religion or ethnicity, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate them into your big day! The Money Dance (Poland) The Money Dance or Dollar Dance first came to prominenc

7 Things you should do before putting on your gown!

According to Wedding Wire, there are 7 essential things you should do BEFORE putting on your wedding gown!   Eat and Drink Once you put on your wedding dress, you’ll need to be a bit more careful when it comes to eating and drinking. So we recommend eating your pre-wedding meals and snacks before you get dress

Colorful trend for your bridesmaids!

The word of the day is:  Monochromatic.  (Containing or using only one color) It's become much more common for brides to let bridesmaids choose their own dress within a certain color family, which is great for budgets and because not all women look good in the same dress. The trend of bridesmaids wearing an ombre spect

Brides- Don’t forget to do these at your wedding!

According to, there are 6 essential things you cannot forget to do at your wedding for a memorable reception! 1. Spend time alone with your husband. Yes, you do have to pay attention to your guests, but don’t forget to have some one-on-one time with your new husband. Take time during the cocktail hour to

A little something for Dad!

Dad!  Aside from walking your daughter down the aisle, one of your big duties at the wedding is to give a speech.  Here is some help from when writing yours! What to include in your speech Whether you intend to make it short and sweet, or to really reap the benefits of the spotlight, your speech

DIY: Glitter

Sparkling Wedding Decor This is one of those DIY wedding ideas that works well with just about any wedding theme.  Simply run to your nearest Hobby Store and purchase glue, glitter, and a jar or bowl for mixing. Pour some glue into a small jar. You can use clear or white school glue. ... Add some glitter. Use

Wedding Gown Shopping mistake!

Shopping with the wrong people or too many people According to Aisle Perfect, bringing an entourage and/or the wrong people only makes it much harder to get to a consensus as people have different styles and opinions – I think we’ve seen this one too many times on episodes of ‘Say Yes to the dress’. All you need is

Rehearsal Dinner at Smith & Wollensky

Are you a foodie?  If so, this place is the ideal location for your Rehearsal Dinner!  We were treated to a wonderful dinner in their newly remodeled restaurant at Easton.  They have 2 private dining rooms for rehearsal dinners and also a great outdoor space.  We had appetizers out on the patio prior to our meal of oyst