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Butlered or Stationed Hors D’oeuvres?

Butlered or Served hors d'oeuvres refers to appetizers that are served to your guests at the wedding reception- most commonly during the first hour known as the "cocktail hour"..   I'm a huge fan of this because it really brings a little flair to the event to have staff bringing food right to me!   It also acts as a nice

Don’t forget Mom!

Chances are, your mom will be helping with the planning of your wedding- but it's Dad who gets the attention with the Father/Daughter dance and walking you down the aisle.  Here's a really helpful list from INSIDE WEDDINGS with some ideas to honor your Mom at your wedding.  Wear something of hers for your bridal look

LOVE LETTERS – For your wedding

LOVE LETTERS! Words.  Simple words to describe different elements at your wedding.  BAR.  BRIDE.  GROOM.  These  words/letters are a great way to focus on the theme of your wedding.  They create a stunning focal point, a backdrop, a pleasant distraction and talking point and you can add to any event! Did you kn

What does it all mean?

F&B. BEO. Tall Cab…what does it all mean?    Events and  catering language can sometime seem like a foreign language to those not in the banquet or wedding industry.  Here's a short list of my favorite glossary of wedding & catering terms for you. Back of House:  “back stage” or behind the scenes;

The best wedding tradition!

We all have those friends and family members who offer to do something and help out for your wedding. This is it. Boy, do you have a job for them! Ask them to contribute to the wedding cookie table. What is this cookie table I speak of? Well, i hear it originated in Pennsylvania, but has made its way to Ohio. Guests of the

Wedding (Projection) Mapping at Weddings: Next Big Thing

In an industry that yearns for the next big thing it is no surprise that the wedding market has begun to tap into technology and advancements that destroy preconceived notions of what wedding design is supposed to look like.   Projection mapping (Wedding Mapping) is certainly not a new invention, however its application a

Top 10 Reasons to attend The Wedding Experience!

1) BRIDAL SCAVENGER HUNT - if you are pre-registered you can search over 100 booths to try and find your name and win that companies prize! 2) FOOD AND BEVERAGE - sample food from many hotels, restaurants, and caterers, tons of cake samples, and a free signature drink! Cash bars will be open the duration of the event 3)

How to make your own easy inexpensive hanging flower garden!

Get some Twine or rope, small bottles, and blooms! Tie the rope to the bottles Fill bottles with water Add your flower/bloom of choice Hang from tree or your structure of choice! Check out this VIDEO for a quick tutorial!