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cocktail hour

How to Create an Impressive Wedding Cocktail Hour

Many events will comprise your big day, such as your wedding cocktail hour. This is a time where your guests will mingle with one another as you venture off to have your photos captured. Seeing as this event will take place for an hour, you will certainly want to ensure that your guests are entertained. First Tasks to Do


First Tasks to Do After Becoming Engaged

Congratulations on getting engaged! This is certainly a wonderful time in your life, as you have discovered your soulmate and will now begin planning your big day. With so much that goes into planning a wedding, it can certainly become overwhelming. Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding However, you shouldn’t l


Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a big ordeal! There are so many tasks that you will want to complete, and it can be all too easy to overlook certain details and make mistakes. Seeing as your big day is such an important milestone within your life, you will certainly want to ensure that it is planned to perfection. Inspiration for

wedding ceremony

Inspiration for Your Wedding Ceremony Aisle Décor

Every wedding is unique in its own way! You will spend a great deal of time planning each and every detail, from your delicious cuisine to your lovely floral arrangements. However, one crucial detail that deserves your utmost attention is your wedding ceremony decor. After all, that’s where you will make your grand debu

wedding invitations

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the first taste of your wedding that your guests will get. They will include all of your most important wedding details, from the location to the RSVP instructions. In fact, your wedding invites will be one of the first crucial wedding elements that you and your partner will plan. Advice for

outdoor wedding

Advice for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

With the weather warming up and becoming much more inviting, it’s understandable that you would want to host your wedding day in such a beautiful setting, outdoors. Outdoor weddings present natural and beautiful options for your wedding venue and provide fresh air for you and your guests. Tips for Seating Guests at You


Tips for Seating Guests at Your Wedding

Wedding seating charts are notorious for causing stress to couples planning their big day. It can be complicated to create a wedding seating chart that keeps everyone happy and allows you to have your favorite wedding guests close to you and your partner. Are you looking forward to designing your own seating chart? Ideas


Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony Exit

Getting engaged and planning your wedding has certainly been a thrilling experience! But, imagine the emotion you will feel when your officiant announces you and your partner as newlyweds. Your heart will race, your cheeks will flush, and you will feel as though you can do anything. It is an unbeatable, romantic moment.