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The Difference Between Wedding Place Cards and Escort Cards

[caption id="attachment_3587" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Photo Credit: Christina Wehbe Studos[/caption] Are you aware of the many different wedding details that will play a part in your reception? If you are featuring a formal wedding seating chart, there are a few cards that will make your reception flow smoothly,

escort card

Edible Wedding Escort Card Ideas

You will put a great deal of effort into designing your wedding details. Therefore, it’s only fair that they be truly appreciated. But, when it comes to the simplest of items, such as your escort cards, they often go unnoticed. As soon as guests find their seats, they are done with your cards. Ways to Brighten Up Your

summer wedding

Ways to Brighten Up Your Summer Wedding

Summer is on its way! And, there are numerous activities that can make your season unforgettable, from taking a trip to the beach to catching rays of sunshine. But, there is another thing that can make your summer the most special season yet, your wedding day! How to Know That Your Wedding Dress “The One” Planning a

wedding dress

How to Know That Your Wedding Dress “The One”

As a bride, your hunt for the perfect wedding dress can be one of your greatest wedding planning adventures. You will visit many bridal boutiques, search the internet for wedding dress inspiration, and even flip through every bridal magazine you can find. There will be many dresses that can fit the bill. Unique Wedding F


Unique Wedding Food Station Ideas

The culinary display that you feature on your big day can be mouth watering for your guests. After all, they look forward to the treats that you will present on your special day. Have you given any thought to the cuisine and treats that you will feature for your wedding food? Food stations are a great choice when planning

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Every person who is playing a lead role in your big day was chosen for a reason. For example, your Maid of Honor is likely your closest family member or most beloved friend. They have stood by you through thick and thin and will continue to do so on your wedding day. Non-Traditional Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Your Bridesma


Non-Traditional Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

Now that you and your partner are planning your big day, you have the perfect opportunity to showcase your own unique flair. During your wedding ceremony, you and your bridesmaids will make your debut down the aisle. Traditionally, floral bouquets are held. However, you can showcase a creative appeal. Join Us for The Wed

The Wedding Experience

Join Us for The Wedding Experience

Are you now engaged and beginning to plan your wedding? If so, join us for The Wedding Experience, as it will be your chance to meet some of our best local wedding professionals and see what they have to offer! Our uniquely themed “Through the Seasons” rooms showcase mini mock-wedding receptions to give you great d