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Weight and body shape are frequent points of concern for many people. However, attempts at achieving positive change in both is often difficult and/or extremely expensive. This just adds to the level of frustration the person already has. Here at Columbus Sculpt, we realize how important it is to help individuals accelerate and reinforce their healthy lifestyle efforts with our state-of-the-art weight- and inch-loss technology. With this technology, we find that changes people experience are both quicker and more satisfying.

The Laser-like Lipo can help you reduce fat, lose inches, reduce weight (even without diet and exercise), body sculpting, spot reduction, chin “tucks” with chin fat, reduce muffin tops, reduce/eliminate cellulite, reduce stretch marks, skin shrinkage, and reduce pain and inflammation.​

As powerful and effective as this weight- and inch-loss technology is, even greater results occur when a person elects to engage in healthy lifestyle choices, such as strength building exercises and healthy eating strategies.

​Our Laser-like Lipo technology helps to provide an effective vehicle for people to better achieve the goals of feeling, functioning and looking good. It is a safe and effective approach for both fat reduction and inch loss. The resulting benefits are then demonstrated through weight reduction, reduced inflammation, improved body image and more. Not only is it a non-diet approach, but it is also non-invasive, non-painful and requires no surgery or drugs.


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