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Hi There! Welcome to Turn Up Columbus.

Here’s the deal: You want an amazing wedding day or event right here in Columbus, OH. We want to help give it to you.

You want a DJ who is fun, interactive, and someone you can trust. That’s our DJ team.

You’re looking for a company who offers amazing add-ons like Uplighting and Selfie Stations. We have the best Selfie Stations and Uplighting in Columbus.

You want a modern, unique, and cheese-free wedding or event. We hate cheese (except for on salads, burgers, pizza, tacos, cheesecake, fries, pizza, burritos, pizza, quesadillas)! Ok, we love cheese on everything…EXCEPT WEDDINGS & EVENTS!

Most importantly, you want a stress-free experience, without breaking your budget. Congratulations, You’ve found your dream DJ company. Keep scrolling to learn more about what we offer Central, OH.


4247 Troutbrook Dr. Dublin, Ohio, USA 43017
Phone: 614-526-9212