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There are so many things that you love about your partner, from their heartwarming smile to their charming personality, they have stolen your heart! You two have become your own iconic duo, and your relationship has its own personality. Sharing inside jokes, a love for certain things, and your own sense of humor; together, you have a wonderful relationship that fits you both so well.

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Now that your partner has popped the big question, it’s time to share the news! When planning your engagement photo session, it’s important to really allow your images to showcase your unique relationship dynamic. There are so many amazing aspects to your love, and as you announce your engagement, being yourselves is a great way to give your friends and family a peek at your true colors.

We believe that every couple should be presented with the best engagement photos! That’s why, here at Columbus Bride & Groom, as a resource for discovering Columbus wedding vendors, we have gathered some tips on how to capture engagement photos that represent your personalities. Would you like to discover what these tips are? If so, be sure to read on:

  • Playfulness

    Just like any other personal relationship, it’s likely that you and your partner are not overly serious. Your relationship likely is not formal all the time, and your engagement photos certainly don’t have to be either. A little laughter is good for the soul, and showing that playfulness throughout your engagement photos can even bring a smile to your loved one’s faces. Your engagement photos will look gorgeous and the true happy spirit of your relationship will shine through if you act natural with one another.

  • Love

    The ultimate reason behind getting married is love, and you and your partner share a love that only you two will understand. You share an unbreakable bond and feelings that you have probably never shared with anyone else before. So, don’t be afraid to hug each other, share a romantic kiss, embrace each other, and let your intimacy become the prominent feature of your photos. Just remember, it is your engagement photo session, and you have every right to showcase your love.

  • Hobbies

    You and your partner bonded over something that you both love. So, whether you found your partner at a bar, on the dance floor, in the stadium of your favorite sporting event, or doing any other hobby that you both enjoy, incorporating them into your photo session is a great way to make them unique to you as a couple. You can throw on your favorite jersey, pull out some festive props, or even choose a spot for your photo session where you both love involving yourselves, allowing your personalities to come out even more within each and every image captured.

Showing the personalities that have created your relationship can make your engagement photos unique to you and your partner! These are just a few tips to assist you with doing so.

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