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If you are searching for the perfect gift for your man, groom, or groomsmen, whether it be for your wedding, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or just because, know that Groovy Guy Gifts has you covered!

A member of our staff has received an awesome Bags Don’t Cry, which is a canvas bag that is both a duffle bag AND a backpack, and they couldn’t be more pleased with the style, quality, and functionality of the product. So, we just had so share more of what this amazing company has to offer!

We believe that every man, groom, and groomsman should receive the perfect gift! That’s why, here at Columbus Bride & Groom, as a resource for discovering Columbus wedding vendors, we have gathered some of the most popular gifts for guys presented from Groovy Guy Gifts! If you are all set to see what these items are, be sure to continue reading:

Groovy Guy Gifts

  • Wilson

    No matter what kind of man you are, you need a wallet! So, presenting your man with Wilson, a personalized one, will certainly let him know just how much you care about his belongings. This functional wallet is made from American leather, can hold up to eight cards, and also has two pocket sleeves. In addition, you can showcase names or initials among the wallet, making it the perfect personalized gift!

Groovy Guy Gifts

  • Shaveheart

    It comes as no surprise that men are hairy! If this is the case for yours, know that Groovy Guy Gifts has you covered with Shaveheart, which is a personalized shaving set! Complete with a standard Gillette Mach 3 and razor that comes with one blade, you can have your special someone clean, neat and smelling great! In addition, the shaving set will come in a case that can be personalized with a name, initials, or even a message.

Groovy Guy Gifts

  • Rumble Tumbler

    Everyone drinks! Whether it be a hot cup of coffee, or some iced tea, you can have your man enjoying his within a Rumble Tumbler, which is an amazing, personalized tumbler. Virtually unbreakable, these tumblers are stainless steel and double insulated, able to preserve temperatures for hours, and hold up to 30 oz of any beverage. In addition, they can be personalized with names or initials, posing as the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift!

A great gift is certainly a must for the important men in your life. These are just a few that you could present to yours from Groovy Guy Gifts!

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