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Are you planning your wedding? If so, know that it’s easy forget that the groom should be involved just as much as the bride. After all, it takes two to get married!

So, when planning your nuptials, know that you will have many tasks that you will need to complete. But, the groom does too! From making decisions together as a couple, to elements that you complete on your own, you should both plan on being very busy creating your big day!

We believe that every couple should be prepared when planning their nuptials! That’s why, here at Columbus Bride & Groom, as a resource for discovering Columbus wedding vendors, we have gathered some wedding planning tips for the groom. If you are would like to discover what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:

  • The Rings. Small in appearance but incredibly meaningful, your wedding rings are one of the largest symbolizations of your marriage. But, do you know that the rings are also one of the most often forgotten items on the big day? As the groom, it is your duty to ensure that you have your rings safe and sound at your venue, or that you have secured your Best Man or officiant with them. After all, the last thing you would want is to be at the altar without such important items!
  • Grooming. You have chosen the perfect suit or tuxedo, along with accessories to complement it, to look dashing on your big day. In addition to your ensemble, you will also want to be groomed and formally presentable. From the perfect haircut to trimming facial hair, don’t forget that these little details will tie your entire look together. Also, deodorant and cologne is always a necessity that both you and your bride will appreciate.
  • The Speech. Traditionally, the groom provides a speech to the wedding guests during the reception. While you may have many lovely words bouncing around within your mind that you would like to say, they could all too easily be forgotten. Write down your speech to ensure that no special words are missed, and even consider practicing in front of the mirror a couple times so that you have confidence when delivering it.

Being a groom is a big deal! Remember that you will be very busy on your big day, and keeping these tips in mind will certainly help your planning flow with ease.

Are you ready to discover your wedding vendors in Columbus, Ohio? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Columbus Bride & Groom, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to ensure that you are paired with the best professionals for your nuptials!


Photo Source: – Gabriel Crismariu